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How Swim Meets Work

Swim meets can be confusing for new as well as seasoned families. Here's a guide to help you through the process. Feel free to let us know if there are questions we didn't answer.

Before the meet

  • What to bring
    • sunscreen
    • snacks
    • multiple towels
    • cash for snack bar
    • swim suit, goggles
    • sharpie
    • shade umbrella
    • blanket to sit on
    • depending on weather, may need warmer clothes
  • What to do
    • check swim meet location, directions, arrival time
    • upon arrival, check in with team table
    • sharpie event/heat/lane/stroke on younger kids arms
    • listen for warmup instructions

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During the meet

  • Parents and kids are responsible for getting themselves to the shepherding area at the appropriate time for their event. First event (free relays) will start lining up immediately after the team cheer.
  • Shepherds and coaches will line up the kids and take them to their lanes.
  • Event information
    • Free relays, starting with 6 & under boys, then girls, up all age groups
    • Freestyle event (8 & under 25 yards, 9 & up 50 yards)
    • Backstroke event (8 & under 25 yards, 9 & up 50 yards)
    • End of 6 & under events
    • Breaststroke event (8 & under 25 yards, 9 & up 50 yards)
    • Butterfly event (8 & under 25 yards, 9 & up 50 yards)
    • Medley relays starting with 7&8 boys
  • How events work
    • Kids are entered into an event (e.g., 25 yard freestyle), and sorted by best their times
    • If there are more than 6 or 8 kids (depending on the pool) in an event, there will be more than one heat in the event. A heat is one group of kids racing at the same time.
    • Typically there is more than one heat per event so it is important for your kid to know not only the event they are swimming, but the heat and lane in which they will be swimming.
    • The results for each event will be posted several events later on a wall.
    • The results are usually sorted by event as a whole, not by heat
    • Ribbons are usually available at the LRD within a few days after the meet
      • Ribbons based on the entire event, not by individual heat

Before you leave

  • Double-check with a coach or junior coach to see if your kid is needed for a relay
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